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Let me first start with…This is my very first blog. I started this for myself. The notes and area you find here is me doing all I can to HELP myself on this upcoming HCG Diet journey. You are welcome to read or skip on to the areas you want. I hope it helps others, I started this first for myself and thought…hhmm well I’ll just make it online, it’s really no secret, just a way to help myself…maybe someone runs across it and says…hey this will help me too…

Who am I, I am just another woman in the world trying to find my path. The last 3-4 years have been drastic changes in my life that have leaded here.

I have always been a healthy person, (not eating and exercise) but never sick or so, I was a busy person going here and there. Could eat about anything and be fine. I used to work 2 jobs, so really never had to watch what I ate and never ever in my life did I know what calorie counting, fat intake was or what ‘good’ fats were.

It all changed when I married and moved from my life in the USA to going across the country to Holland in 2004. I met and married the true love of my life and it has proven to be the best step I ever took.

But things did change. I couldn’t speak the language and working was not an option when I got here, as I had no work permit. I decided to start a jewelry design store and sell online… First drastic change…no more running all day. I now sat behind a desk and searched the net for options and beads.

Ok, it’s now a couple years later, put on a few pounds but still ok no big deal. I am slowly learning the language, helps but still at a loss for my old outgoing personality, when you can’t function you lose yourself. I am use to the USA everyone talks to everyone, restaurants, stores, grocery lines etc. Not here, it’s different.

I find myself getting anxious preparing to go to the store, or to get makeup, simple things that have become a big task, I don’t know what I need exactly and don’t really how to ask for it… I start to send my husband and just stay home. Now more weight is coming on because I am locking myself away from the outside world. Easier to stay in than to try to go grocery shopping…..may sound strange but you don’t understand unless you in my shoes.

Ok let’s skip forward…you have a pretty good idea where I am and what’s going on. It’s now some time later. Ok Jen (I say to myself)…you have put on weight, you gotta do something. Ok, my husband is with me. We join the gym. I go almost every day, doing great feeling good. I stopped smoking, drinking, eating wrong…and BAM….

I got very very sick. I was passed by as having the stomach flu, given pills and sent home. I was so ill and it was only getting worse, I couldn’t eat I felt like I was dying and finally went to another doctor who was the first to finally say, something is not right your going into the hospital.

Days went by and they couldn’t find the problem. After some time they found I had severe ulcerative colitis (a sort crohns disease that attacks the colon). I had IV’s all over (it felt like) and my arms were so bruised from all the needles.

I am starting to feel better after about a week ( I think) – I am really bad with time frames 😉
So I get to go home. Doctor sets up a visit for a week later to see how I am. I am home…Thank GOD. Finally. But I am still just not feeling good. I am really hard headed by the way and I have a high tolerance to pain. I also don’t like doctors or hospitals. I pass the steady pain by and tell my husband …no it’s nothing…it’s fine. We go back for the checkup, I can’t barely walk the hall. My doctor takes blood work and sends me home. 2 hours later we get a call… You have to come back RIGHT NOW!!! The nurses tell my husband later, we knew it was bad when the doctor was all over the halls, he’s the most calm one here and he was freaking out.

Well now I am so sick they put me in my own room, the disease is so bad they think it might eat through my colon lining, which would result in…well death. Ok, I get it. I am sick…geesh stupid me. The next weeks were so bad….no need to even go into it all.

I was within 24hours of them scheduling the operation to take out my colon… when by nothing short as “The grace of God” they called and spoke to a doctor at another place and he mentioned an experimental drug to try. Within 24hours I was sitting up…eating pudding and able to even stand within a couple days.

Ok skip forward a year… all is good recovery slowly, but nicely. Now more weight….why? The new meds side effect…lovely…weight gain. I can’t exercise much or I get tired, so tired I am now napping mid day but still feeling good. No real effects from the disease and can pretty much live my life normal but with caution… My fist wake up call to needing to find a way to control my life and health.

Next challenge…oh great, the meds give me low immune….I now have an attack of REALLY severe “Rosacea”.   You know what that is? It’s not fun, from that I now have an allergy to the ‘Sun’ & to ‘Sweating’ …really oh just great!

Next year, really couldn’t get any worse right…hahaha. Next issue, female problems with my ovary. I have to have an operation, what was suppose to a 1” inch cut turned out to be a 1 foot cut across my stomach.

Healed nicely…alls well that ends well…this is surely the end…. Not a chance Jen…one more issue. I got an ear infection, worst pain EVER, felt like someone was stabbing my inner ear with an ice pik !!! un real pain…

I woke up and when I took a drink of water it shot across the room…. Uh ok this isn’t right. I look in the mirror… OH CRAP the right side of my face is paralyzed !! It’s really hanging, can’t blink my eye, move my mouth nothing… Ok now I am finally FREAKING OUT!!

First thought…oh my gosh did I have a stroke in my sleep. Thank goodness no I didn’t ….but I did just get ‘Ramsy hunt syndrome’ This happened in 2010 it’s now 2011 and Thank The GOOD LORD the ear pain was only a couple weeks, but right side of my face being paralyzed…after a year it’s still there…not as bad! I can blink my eye, move my mouth about 45% of the old way and you know what…. Who cares!

I am finally learning…I can always wait for the….”If only this would change, happen…etc I would be happy” – you know we all say…. If I could only get this weight off I would be happy… If I could just get this new job I would happy’ …If I could just….

Well…I want to be happy right now…I am tired of feeling less than great to myself. I really no longer care what others think or feel over me. My husband loves me more each day and I truly have the best kids EVER. So now it’s for ME….and that mind set has changed my life… so HCG Diet…. Here I come, teach me not only how to get this darn weight off…but the new way to eat, the right way to eat…and how to control my life and not ever be pushed around by a piece of apple pie again!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe now you can see who I am, where I am going and that I WILL get there. I have had enough! I know a lot of these issues are bad eating mixed in with health problems. It’s not just weight lose for me it’s a new change… a change for the good… and I desperately need it!

If you took the time to read…Wow, thank you! I hope I can help if only one person…then that’s great to me. I welcome you to the journey and wish you the BEST success ever!


25 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jen
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 16:09:26

    just me..trying to see how the updates work 😉


  2. Julie
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 14:45:14

    Your journey, your story is amazing. You have experienced some incredible unexpected challenges and you are perservering through! Good for you! I look forward to reading more of your blog and keeping up with you on the hcg forum. Best to you,


  3. Tonya
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 12:37:05

    Love your blog. I saw your post on the forums with a link to your blog.


  4. stella
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 21:45:40

    i just read your story and WOW! you are truly blessed and strong. many blessings to you. ps i just started phase 2 8/23. i also started for me just me i got tired of waiting for that miracle drug or procedure. i’m doing it for me because i have to live with me and i want me happy! i think the 1st step is the hardest and making it past that 1st step is a bit of a miracle on its own. peace to you.


    • FJJ Creations- Jen's Corner
      Aug 24, 2011 @ 07:44:43

      Thank you so much for reading and for taking time to write me such an uplifting message… Thank you !!
      Good for you…doing it for just YOU…. that does make all the difference. I lost a total of 26lb and 14inches the first round… I lost 22 on the diet and lost the other 4lb ALL BY MYSELF on the stabilizing time… I was more proud of myself on the 4lb than the other, because I did that part myself. I have less back pain…I can actually do more throughout the day… it is sssooo worth it! I wish you the best success!! If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!! Blessings to you and strength!!


  5. Julia
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 02:48:32

    Hi Jen,
    Just read your post and see that you have colitis. I also have it and found a more natural way of keeping it under control WITHOUT drugs! Its a supplement called GALA CHROM. I have a friend that is into natural healing and he got me started on it. It is made from cows colostrum (I know it sounds freaky) and it works. It is cutting edge right now and getting a lot of recognition for helping with many health problems including diabetes. I thought I would share it with you. I get it here in AZ and not sure where else to get it. It runs about $60 a bottle but hey lots better than prednisone and such that I was offered. I take it daily and no more stomach problems and NO side affects. It is also know for weight reduction…huge side benefit although I can’t say that I have seen too much of that.


    • FJJ Creations- Jen's Corner
      Oct 20, 2011 @ 09:26:56

      Wow- than kyou so much for that… I will look into it. Right now I have to take -azathioprine- (imuran)
      and am NOT happy about it. I found from researching after 10 years you must stop- or could become high risk of skin cancer.

      also I don’t have any problems with my stomach and am VERY careful with eating things.

      so thank you !!!
      I will start finding out what I can about that and actually come to the USA to visit next month so I can order and have it sent to my mom 😉


  6. Jackie
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 15:23:31

    HI Jen, You are a great encouragement, I too suffer a great deal of medical issues.This past Oct. I had to have a morphine pump implanted for choronic pain. Treatments have caused me to put on a lot of weight. I am so thankful for finding HCG and people like you too help me. I just started my VLCD last wednesday and I have lost 5lbs. Iam so excited, because I was beginning to think I would never see the scale go down again, considering I have tried SOOO many diets.Five lbs in four days is wonderful.


    • FJJ Creations- Jen's Corner
      Jan 20, 2012 @ 13:32:48

      Hi Jackie,
      CONGRATS!! I know the feeling when the scale FINALLY moved. My doctor had simply told me… oh well just deal with the weight- you can be heavy and healthy or thin and sick. I walked out and said to myself… HA he doesn’t even know me so well!! I knew the weight was from all the meds, not from me, of course some things were my bad eating habits, but like you said…the neds then the weight came full speed on..

      I then went on my search and couldn’t have been happier to find the HCG!
      Don’t you know I avoided that doctor for 4 months – rescheduling appointments until ‘I was ready’ to see him.
      It was HARD work on the diet and doing 2 rounds was not an easy task, but trying to do a full 40 day, I didn’t feel to be a good plan…it’s to long and think emotionally you need a break in between….. But I finished back in August 2011 and have not gained anything back. I may go up and down in days but I weigh everyday out of habit and to keep my own self in check.

      Man, when I did go see the doctor…. 40lb LIGHTER!!! he said ‘nothing’ – I said don’t you have anything to say to me. He said …uuh no everything seems good and normal in your blood work…. other than it seems you went against my advice and have apparently been stupid and went on a crash diet. OH my….I said ….see ya…and changed doctors the same day.

      You stick with it! Anyone who tries to pull you down, just use it a stronger drive!! any questions or help you may need…PLEASE…just ask! I have walked many through the diet. I will do all I can to help get you to your goal and always lift you up along the way 🙂

      you can always email me direct at: fjjcreations@yahoo.com

      GOOD LUCK! please let know it goes for you 😉


  7. Jackie
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 23:31:11

    Hi Jen, Just a quick note to let you know I have lost 9lbs in nine days. Only problem I’m having is finding recipes. I am cajun and love all the cajun foods.
    That could be a lot of my problem.lol If you know where I can find some good recipes, please let me know. I ordered the HCG gourmet cookbook, but it just
    isn’t my style. I would love some great recipes. I hope you are doing well.


    • FJJ Creations- Jen's Corner
      Feb 03, 2012 @ 10:29:19

      Hey hun,so sorry for the late reply back…I got sick as a dog…weather here going cold then warm got me bad this time.
      the only thing I really used was the one link I have the a girls page…

      she has a lot of recipes and then I just spiced them up. Just be careful a lot of her recipes are actually phase 3 friendly…but you will be able to tell…

      how is it going for you????


  8. Athena
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 03:43:59

    Hi Jen! Just started HCG diet, on day 5 now!! Thank you for your support, comments, and “diary” of it all. It is helping me so much! I appreciate your blog. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!


  9. Youtube.Com/Watch?V=Pxg_M4Bfku0
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 15:20:54

    Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that
    I’ve really loved browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


    • FJJ Creations- Jen's Corner
      Jan 07, 2013 @ 10:11:18

      I am glad you ran across the blog and hope it helps you along the way 😉
      I will be trying to post more shortly…I am so bad at writing 😉
      I have now been 2 years and held my loss
      Now have begun the ‘paleo’ diet for life journey…really love it and am able to understand things that I can eat throughout the day when hungry, has been now 3 weeks…lost 1lb and eat when I want, wasn’t the intention to try to lose more, but will never complain about the scale going in a downward motion…
      BEST WISHES on your HCG journey….PLEASE feel free to ask any questions…will gladly help any way I can 😉


  10. Cheryl
    May 24, 2015 @ 21:00:39

    Thank you so much for sharing, can you tell me where you purchased your hcg drops? I live in New York and have read on the Internet they sell a lot of fake product online.
    Thank you


  11. mollyoutward
    Jul 16, 2015 @ 14:01:10

    Hi Jen,

    I’m reading through various blog posts, informational websites, forums, etc. to familiarize myself with and do some research on the HCG diet and also to suggest to folks a potential alternative for certain rules that prove difficult to adhere to completely.

    You have an amazing story and some great information in your posts.

    I wanted to make a suggestion in terms of the face/body lotion debacle.
    I see a lot of folks out there recommending non-oil based products like Vaseline or Cornhusker’s lotion as a solution for oil-free skincare. The problem with these is, while they may make your skin feel better in terms of moisture, they are either petroleum based or contain preservatives or other unnatural ingredients that are not healthy for the skin.

    Perhaps you might look into pure Jojoba. This is a liquid wax ester, not an oil or fat. Its very close to the sebum naturally produced by the skin so it soaks in, replenishes moisture without introducing harmful additives, and its nonallergenic.

    I hope you continue to get great feedback on your blog and have good results with your weight loss journey! All the best!


    • FJJ Creations
      Aug 04, 2015 @ 07:27:18

      Thank you for the kind words and also the suggestion 😉 I use Jojoba oil lotions and I fully agree with you about the petroleum based and other unnatural ingredient lotion options 😉

      Hugs to you and best wishes!!


  12. Kristina
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 07:17:36

    Thank you for sharing I am planning on trying these omni drops I am over weight and very depressed which for me leads me to eat more


  13. Sandra
    Dec 23, 2015 @ 18:45:12

    Let’s get it started 🙂


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